The following regulations are compulsory in "Gatchev, Baleva, partners" Law Firm:

  • concise and accurate writing;

  • full compliance with the practice of The Supreme Court, The Supreme Court of Cassation and The Supreme Administrative Court

  • constant control over the cases;

  • confidentiality.

Practice areas

The main legal services of "Gatchev, Baleva, partners" Law Firm are providing consultations in the fields of civil, commercial, labor and administrative law, comprehensive legal service of commercial companies, as well as legal defence in court.

When providing comprehensive legal service of commercial companies, the extent of the responsibilities of the firm is defined by a contract for subscription service. During the term of the contract our law firm defends the client's interests in court and sees to all their legal issues with priority over other cases.

Defending the interests in the executory proceedings is a priority in the "Gatchev, Baleva, partners" Law Firm - collection of debts from legal and natural persons, public sale of movable properties and real estate, execution against objects of matrimonial regime, enforcement of goods and enforcement of particular acts. The executory proceedings is what puts an end and gives sense to the civil procedure. We put an emphasis on the practical minute details in the executory proceedings.

We work with notaries, judicial officers, economists and other specialists in order to provide our clients with comprehensive legal service.

The Law Firm defends the client’s interests in courts and Arbitration Courts.

In the field of civil law our law firm provides high quality consultations and legal defence in the following fields of civil law:

General Civil Law

  • civil statue of natural persons, registration of legal persons – non-government, foundations and political parties;

  • authorization and re-authorization transactions.

Real Estate Law

  • protection of the property right and of the limited property rights - right of use, building lease /superficies/, easements etc.;

  • protection of possession;

  • preparation of notary transactions.

Law of Obligation

  • securing the realization of debts;

  • preparation of preliminary and final contracts;

  • compensation and realization of rights in case of a tort;

  • protection in case of unjust enrichment;

  • realization of direct and regressive liabilities;

  • termination of contracts through the court and outside the court;

  • protection against illegal actions of the debtors etc.

Family Law and Succession Law

  • legal defence in juridical partition of succession.

In the fields of Copyright Law and Intellectual Property Law our law firm provides a legal service as follows:

  • protection of the copyrights;

  • preparation of the contracts for cession of right of use;

  • registration of trade marks, geographical indications, inventions, patents and etc. at the Bulgarian Patent Office;

  • full protection of rights of intellectual property;

  • preparation of license contracts etc.

 In the field of Labor Law our law firm provides a legal service as follows:

  • concluding and terminating of employment contracts, property liability of the employer and the employee, compensations on employment contracts, disputes concerning existence and termination of employment relations.

In the field of Commercial Law our law firm provides a legal service as follows:

  • registration of sole traders and commercial companies, branches, representative offices of foreign companies;

  • reorganization of commercial companies;

  • legal defence against irregular resolutions of commercial companies;

  • preparation and legal servicing of commercial transactions – purchasing contracts, leasing contracts, shipping contracts, security contracts, credit contracts etc.

  • legal defence in commercial cases;

Our firm works more than 10 years in the field of the Insolvency Proceedings. Our firm provides inquiry of the debtors in relation to the opportunity for starting insolvency proceedings against them and to determination of the probable degree for creditors’ satisfaction.

Our law firm provides preparation of the request for starting the Insolvency proceedings and legal defence in the proceedings.

In the field of the Insolvency Proceedings our law firm provides consultations on the issues related to the presentation of the creditors’ debts for payment, preparation of recovery plans, agreements with the creditors. Our law firm provides consultations on the preparation and pursuing of the claims for complementing the bankruptcy estate, as well as legal defence in the lawsuits.

Our long-term experience and participation in considerable number of Insolvency proceedings lawsuits helps our law office to defend the interests of our clients in the best way.

In the field of Administrative Law our law firm provides assistance in administrative and court appeals against individual, general and normative administrative acts or refusal such act to be issued, as well as appeals against acts issued by the Tax authorities and legal defence in administrative cases.

In the field of Competition Law our law firm provides consultations and legal defence before the Commission on protection of competition and The Supreme Administrative Court.