The firm was incorporated as an informal partnership of Bulgarian lawyers under the name "Gatchev, Baleva, partners" Law office. Since 2008 it has been reorganized and registered as "Gatchev, Baleva, partners" Law Firm in compliance with the new Bulgarian Advocacy Act. The willingness to contribute, the ability to cope with difficulties, the freedom of opinion, the ability to work in a team and the interchangeability are what is taken into account when choosing new partners. "Gatchev, Baleva, partners" Law Firm comprises of attorneys at law, apprentices to law and attorney's associates. Our firm works on its own and in co-operation with other attorneys at law and lawyers’ partnerships in the country and abroad. We always work in a team. Each case is discussed by all the attorneys in the office. The lawyer who will defend the case in the court is appointed and the defence tendency is outlined. After each court hearing the lawyer who defends the case in the court introduces his colleagues to the procedural actions undertaken in the court. There is a possibility for each lawyer to be substituted by another lawyer at any time.